Pasta Salad


Perfect for summer cookouts, BBQs and potlucks!

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Spinach Strawberry Salad

Spinach Strawberry

Try this strawberry-spinach salad for a tasty twist on an easy summertime meal, or a side to any summer affair.

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In the Middle East, this chopped salad is eaten at almost every meal,e specially in the summer over a BBQ. Check out my version with an interesting twist.

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Cobb Salad


A popular American dish, you could enjoy a cobb salad as a side dish or even a whole bowl as a main dish all to your self. Colorful and flavorful with lots of ingredients, this is how I enjoy mine.

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Pomelo Salad


One of my favorite Armenian restaurants serves a delicious and mouth watering Pomelo Salad! It’s Middle Eastern food with an Armenian influence, and it’s delicious I could order one all to my self. One day I decided to do a spin off at home, and it was so good my mom asked me for a plate the next time she was entertaining people at her home.

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Halloumi Salad


There is something about grilled vegetables that has me digging for second and even third helpings. Personally, I would only dig into a salad if it was bursting with flavors, and when I made this Halloumi Salad at home I was instantly in love with the delicious Mediterranean flavors of this dish. Read more

Kani Salad


Kani Salad is a favorite among many, after all – most of us start our Sushi frenzy with a bowl of Kani Salad. Personally, I’m a Salmon kind of person, especially that I had Kani all through my pregnancy, so I’ve had it with crab since then – but of course there is always a time when you desperately feel like some, and making it at home is faster and easier than reaching out for delivery.

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So, coleslaw – a favorite next to fried chicken, burgers, wings, or just about anything that goes under the fast food category. Personally, I’m not a big fan, I might take a bite, but Oz my husband, is a die-hard coleslaw lover.

With the weather warming up and the BBQ skewers getting their affairs in order, coleslaw is the perfect side for those who want a quick and convenient salad on the side.

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Taco Salad


I love everything that has to do with Tacos, but sometimes I just want something light and flavorful, minus the protein. So I was playing around with the base ingredients and decided to make a Taco Salad.

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